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Clogged Drains?

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Drain Blockage

Have you ever experienced a drain blockage in your home? Well, we all do. As blocked drains are the most common issue of every home after the grocery shopping. However, have you ever notice why in the first place do we have this issue?

Reasons for drain blockage

Well, there are several reasons that we can point out being the reason for drain blockage. Some of them are mentioned below.


Yes, I would like to give it the no. 1 position because it is the most common reason. We all have hairs on our bodies. We have them almost everywhere in our homes. No matter how much we care about hygiene, we end up with hairs being in our drainage system causing the blockage.


Grease has entered into our lives like a monster. However, grease not only causing health problems for us but is also a significant factor in drain blockage. Although, we wash off the greasy and fatty substance from our utensils and sinks. But that got stuck in the drains causing the blockage.


Another most common reason for drain blockage is the irresponsible use of toiletries. We flush out the used toilet rolls, baby wipes and stuff like that. However, all this should be disposed of off in the right manner to avoid the drain blockage.

Wear and Tear:

Sometimes we take care of all the above-mentioned factors and still got the drainage problem. It is mainly because of the broken pipes. The pipes in the sewerage system may get broke and we end up with blocked drains. It could happen due to any reason including low-quality pipes, normal wear and tear of pipes or may be due to some accident.

Foreign Substances:

Admit the fact that although we are adults and we know about the drains blockage. However, we do live with our children and they cannot play responsibly all the time. So maybe your child throws a soap bar, a toy, a spoon or anything like that in the drain. At the end of the day, you have to handle the drain blockage issue. There are several other reasons for the blocked drains. However, there is only one root cause and that is Negligence.

How to avoid blocked drains

So far we have discussed the issue of blocked drains. But now it’s time to give you some of the tips to avoid this situation.

We have so many reasons to get a blocked drain. Yet with some attention and responsibility, we can avoid such situations. Mention below is some of the steps that you can take to stop draining blockage and these steps should be included in your daily routine. All you need is to be aware of all the stuff that goes into your drains and that lies near them. You need a constant observational sense and alertness to have a drainage system without any blockage.

Drain Blockage Specialist

If regardless of your attention and alertness you got the blocked drain, then maybe it’s time to call the experts. The professional drain blockage openers are specially trained and equipped with the latest tools and equipment to know the exact spot and to open up the blockage in literally no time. So whenever you find yourself in such situation find yourself a highly professional and well-trained drain blockage specialist. We at Plumbingingoldcoast.com offer you affordable drain blockage cleaning services.

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